f-f-f-otos is a curated collection of photographic art and collage.

Anonymity and obscurations are threads of interest, along with photo intervention and manipulation, surrealist photographs and collages, site-specific interventions, still life, reflections, mirrored images, patterning, repetition, and the textile arts.

Attribution is attempted. Clicking on the image or the links accompanying an image leads to  the creator’s personal site or a source that talks about their work and its impact.

Copyright for all images belongs to their respective creators.

Recommended reading

The Nature of Clouds (MK Editions, 2013)
The Body in Contemporary Art (World of Art, 2009)

Recommended artists

Ben Alper (especially his Background Noise and Erasure series)
Nicholas James Bass
Guy Bourdin
Aron Filkey
Anthony Gerace
Inge Jacobsen
Evelin Kasikov
Eugenia Loli
Traci Lynn Matlock
Caroline Mackintosh
Duane Michals
Bryan Olson

Claire Pestaille
Joe Webb
Meghan Willis
Letha Wilson

Other artists I like

Evelinka Kasikov
John William Keedy


Art Hound
Form is Void
Little Yellow Birds (Joetta Maue)
Photographs on the Brain
The Jealous Curator
Supersonic Electronic
Think Faest


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